[CQ-Contest] Optimum Keyer Speed for WPX

Fatchett, Mike Fatchett.Mike at tci.com
Tue May 27 12:54:01 EDT 1997

I have the same complaints.  I made about 170 contacts.  I was truly
amazed at the number of fills I have to do on the number.  My top speed
was 32 wpm and the majority of time 29 wpm.  For some reason the WR0
prefix tripped up a bunch of people as well.

I am glad to see other Top flight ops have trouble with the A25T
exchange as well.  

I also noticed a couple of ops sending in the upper 30's low 40's that
did not slow down their exchanges.  In fact one sent the call so fast
and with poor spacing I could hardly figure it out.
Seems like a dumb idea sending faster than what 99% of the other ops can

I did notice lots of people using the logging programs to send the 5nn
part real fast and the NR part noticeably slower.  The latter is a real
help to those of us whose CW speed is not where it once was!

I noticed most of the better ops were sending in the low 30's.

Had a great polar opening on 20m Friday night.  Was able to work
everything I heard with 100 watts and a 1/4 wave vertical with NO
radials.  Went up to my folks house with the beams on Saturday and ran
some EU on 20.  Even heard some EU on 15!  Saturday nights opening on 20
was not great.  Sounded much better than the phone test.


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>I agree that many operators seem not to be able to copy at the speed they are
>sending.  I usually do my S&P activity at 32 WPM just to limit the number of 
>repeats.  Of course it sometimes depends on how loud you are at the other end
>and how much QRM there is.
>I hate these cut numbers.  I never know if the guy sent 'T' for zero, or did
>miss a dot of 'N' for nine?  I would just as soon have everyone send 5NN and 
>then send the full numbers.  But I see this as a trend that will keep getting
>worse before it gets better.  It seems to be all the rage in Europe.
>Randy, K5ZD
>On Sunday, May 25, 1997 10:02 AM, Wendell Wyly - W5FL [SMTP:w5fl at flash.net] 
>> I watched the complaints on the packet cluster about very high speed
>> contest exchanges and tried a little experiment.  I matched the speed of
>> the stations with my keyer and sent my exchange back to them at their speed
>> when it was over 35 wpm.  Seven of the ten high speed stations listed could
>> not copy at their own speed and asked for repeats.  What is an optimum
>> speed setting for a contest with a 7 digit numeric exchange?  Is there less
>> confusion of exchanges when alphas are not used except in the 5NN.
>> Wendell Wyly         W5FL          w5fl at flash.net
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