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Mike (W9RE) and CQ-Contest:

	I asked W1JR, who used to work at Cushcraft, if his new company
(Antennaco) made u-bolts for Rohn 25 and the Cushcraft 40-2CD.  Here is
his reply.

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Hi Fred,

Yes, we have SS "V" bolts and backup "V" blocks. In fact, they are in
at RadioWare (1-800-950-WARE or (508) 251-9385). The smaller size,
1.75" on centers 1/4-20 size is ideal for Rohn 25 as it works from about
1.125" to 1.5" tubing. The VBolt2 is 2.438" on centers and used 5-16"-18
SS. It's good for 1.25-2" tubes and the VBolt3 is about 2.75" (5/16-18 I
think) on centers for 1.5-2.5" tubes. Between the 3 sizes you should be
able to do all you need with the Rohn 25 and 40-2CD. Let me know if you
need any other info.



Joe. W1JR       

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