[CQ-Contest] Re: Optimum Keyer Speed

熊谷 泰 HCE00747 at niftyserve.or.jp
Wed May 28 23:49:00 EDT 1997

There is another story in Japan.

"Zen-Shi Zen-Gun Contest" is held on October 9th to 10th every year
which is domestic.  In this contest, multiplier is the number of Shi
(city), Ku (ward) and Gun (like county) you worked, so we have to send
QTH number.

The exchange is RS(T) + QTH number + output power in 3 digits.
For example, the station located near the Emperor's Palace and output
is 100 Watts, the operator will send ;
   599 100101 100
12 digits in CW !  Many operators abbreviate this to ;
   5nn attata att
Confusing ?  But much shorter, and this is very common.  What's more,
quite a few people even use "u" to 2.  As I'm not the domestic contester,
many times I was paralyzed (Hi) at the beginning of the contest, but
soon I could catch them.

By the way, this contest used to be called "All City Contest" and
at that time the exchange was RS(T) + 001 serial number.  When the
rule was changed about 15 years ago, we had to send the serial number
also Hi.  Many people could not copy it.  What a contest number !

These changes must be made after Randy left Japan.

So, the bottom line must be "Depends on the situation", isn't it ?

                                   - BEAR -  Yasushi  Kumagai
                                              JA7RHJ / AA6PU

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