[CQ-Contest] ANTA, etc.

PaulKB8N at aol.com PaulKB8N at aol.com
Wed May 28 14:24:22 EDT 1997

<< Randy isn't the only one that had trouble with the cut numbers in WPX and
 it's definitely gotten worse.  When some guy sends me "5nn ANTA" at 40 wpm
 and I have to convert that to 1901, chances are pretty good that I'm going
 ask him for a repeat.  I'm not convinced that it saves time in the long run.
  Speed is somewhat of an issue, but PLEASE send full numbers.
 73 - Phil, N6ZZ

Part of me says "yes" to cut numbers.  Anything that can speed up the process
can be a positive.  Frankly, I have less difficulty distinguishing a cut 9
from a cut 0 than I do a regular 9 from a regular 0.  I do think, however,
that some kind of ruling should be made on the use of "cuts".  Either allow
them or make everyone send the complete number.  To me, a sensible
alternative would be an alphabetic serial number.  It would never be longer
than three digits!  Example AAA = QSO #1.  AAY = QSO # 25.  

73,  Paul, KB8N

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