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Wed May 28 17:15:46 EDT 1997

I'm with you, Larry.  I think there is a time and place for using the
alpha-bits...and that is when signals are generally loud and/or when you
are running and/or running high power.

Actually with the QSB I was getting, especially on 40, I found the
abbreviations a help at times.

If I were to answer I weaker or slower CQ, I'd use the full numbers.  If
I'm calling a guy that's 20 over and 40 wpm, I'll send the "cut numbers" at
my normal high-end speed of 34/36 wpm.  As for running, I'll at least send
T's for 0 unless things are real hairy.
As things get slow, I'll slow down my speed but keep the cuts.

I was really surprised at all the op's, some well known contesters, who
were on here blasting the use of cut numbers.

73, Tyler K3MM

k7sv at juno.com on 05/27/97 07:43:35 PM

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Subject:  [CQ-Contest] CUT NUMBERS - CUT CALL!

I took the opportunity to play with cut numbers and varying speeds from
NJ4F during the weekend. Historically, NJ4F is a tough call on any mode.
I still can't figure out why Steve didn't trade it in! For the number of
stations we have worked that sent the call as  N1VF, I have to wonder how
many more that didn't send the called ended up with that in the log.
Maybe we could get N1VF as a club call!
I started the contest on 40 at about 40wpm but slowing by 8wpm whenever
the call was sent. I really think this helped. For the serial number
portion of the report, I slowed it down by 4 wpm and didn't send leading
At some point while operating 20 and after working many Eurs that used
cut numbers, I changed NA to cut 0 to T. Oh, for the fella that asked,
zero's are frequently cut to O or T. Anyway, as 20 improved, I started
cutting ones and zeros, depending a lot on the station that responded. I
ended up with a terrific run that ran between 120 and 130 Sunday
afternoon. The signals from Eur were loud, and the pile-up of the sort
dreams are made of (like they always have in New England!)  I used cut
numbers and kept cranking the keyer up. Eventually the pile thinned out
and I started cranking the speed down and going back to cut zero's only.
So, I guess with the caveat that one has to temper the modus operandi to
existing conditions, I'll go against the grain and say that I like cut
numbers. Maybe a few common sense rules:
1. Don't use cut numbers when you answer a CQ, unless the station you
answer does so.
2. Answer a CQ at the same speed the station sends it.
3. QRS if someone asks
4. If you don't like cut numbers, don't answer a station using them.
5. The BIG SIGNAL out of VA is not N1VF.........it's W4MYA!
73 de Larry K7SV
K7SV at juno.com

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