[CQ-Contest] Cut numbers

Steve, IK4WMH ik4wmh at queen.it
Wed May 28 17:58:44 EDT 1997

Hi everyone,

I think that the cut numbers can be useful if properly used.

During last weekend I made 30 (yes, thirty! hi) QSOs, just for fun, 
cause I had very limited time.

I used my CMOS Super Keyer III, it can be programmed to use some cut 
numbers, particularly T or O for zero and N for nine, in various 

I set the keyer to work at 30 WPM, I think it is a very comfortable 
speed for almost everyone, and I used T for zero and N for nine in 
the serial numbers.

When you have a very crowded band, as in WPX or CQ contests, one of 
the more important thing is to send your number as best as you can
and a well sent report, with cut numbers at a reasonable speed, is 
the best way to exchange reports.

When I am contesting with a serious team I found often difficult to 
copy a long serial number while hearing a splattering station very 
close to my qrg...a short cut number is sometimes received just in 
time while a long number would probably be lost in the QRM.

Remember that not everyone has big antennas and high power, and when 
you have to copy a very low signal in the QRM cut numbers can be the 
only way expecially if you have limited time windows [(c) Microsoft, hi] 
between two splattering transmissions of other stations.

If letters had a shorter spelling than numbers, would you complain
about a "ANTA" report instead of a "1901" during a SSB contest 
as well? Or it is just because you are not so familiar with cw?

The main problem is the speed, I worked ZD8Z and he gave me a cut 
number at very high speed, and it was a bit difficult to copy, but at 
a reasonable speed cut numbers are welcome.

Last but not least, during the WPX I heard a station giving his 
number for his 920th Qso as 5NN NUT.  :)

Ciao,  Steve  IK4WMH

email:     ik4wmh at queen.it

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