[CQ-Contest] Cut numbers

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Wed May 28 18:20:09 EDT 1997

> it must help some in really high rate situations (like N5KO
> sending "5NN AT" from HC8N in CQWW.)  For the WPX contest, I 
> found the cut numbers to be a nuisance.  You'll always hear me 

Exactly!  I would never do this in a serial number contest, but in a
contest where I am gonna send "5NN 10" 7000 times, I am not
embarrassed to abbreviate it to "5NN AT".

And besides, I asked LU8DQ about this when I met him in Asuncion in
1990 and said it was ok!  :-) (I'm not making this up.)

--Trey, N5KO

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