[CQ-Contest] CW Speed

Dan Weisenburger kw4t at erols.com
Wed May 28 11:40:39 EDT 1997

Hi Group,

I played with my sending speed and dropped as low as 16 wpm and up to 
around 24 wpm when calling CQ.  I put spaces between the elements of my 
call.  I took the spaces out.  No matter what I did, every hour of 
calling CQ only produced about 6 QSO's.  I felt like a frustrated bass
fisherman trying this lure and that lure and this bait and that hook, 

When I'd get an answer to my CQ, I usually had to wake-up from a cat-nap
and get a repeat!  (sorry)

My question is this... If I'm able to break pile-ups on 40LP, into EU and 
AF, why don't I get more customers?

Am I really just generating QRM with my 100 Watts and Deltas?

I'd really appreciate feedback.

BTW,  I was glad to see John, W4UE, add a prefix to the mix.  I'm also 
planning something like that when other KW4's join the WPX battle next 

73 from Lake Moneysgone,  Dan,  KW4T

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