[CQ-Contest] Web Page for Cut Code Haters...

Bruce Sawyer N6NT at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 29 16:48:27 EDT 1997

While mindlessly following links around on the web this morning, I came onto
a most unusal site that may make some of the recent posters on this
reflector feel right at home...  Reading all of these complaints about
people sending tooo fast during WPX and even using cut code to boost their
rate made this web page seem particularly relevant to the current
discussion.  You can find it at http://www.nocode.org/.  Here is the opening
           No-Code International is a new temporary organization
           dedicated to the abolition of the Morse code requirement for all
           classes of Amateur Radio license. We intend to disband the
           organization as soon as the Morse Code requirement has been
           eliminated in all English-speaking countries.

           In the United States ARRL, a powerful Amateur Radio organization,
           is an organized proponent for the continuation of code requirements.
           No-Code International is not an anti-ARRL group. Instead, it is one
           dedicated to getting ARRL's members and leaders to change their
           minds on the code issue. 

           This web site is sponsored by me, Bruce Perens K6BP. I'm an ARRL
           member. If you know me, you know I'm too busy to run an
           organization like this (I already run another international
           organization). Thus, I'm searching for people who are committed to
           the idea of abolishing the code requirement and would like to help
           organize No-Code International. 

           The first thing we need is people to write articles for this web
           After that, we'll need lots of people for many different tasks.
           write to me at k6bp at nocode.org if you'd like to help. 


:-)  Bruce, N6NT

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