[CQ-Contest] CQ 160 Records

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Thu May 29 17:12:55 EDT 1997

Bill, W4AN brought up a timely point on contest records.  I think knowing
the past records helps plan toward finding ways to squeeze more score and
certainly it gives each of us a goal to shoot for once we become competitive
and are beyond just increasing last years score or working a few new states
or countries.

Bill did a fine job in NCJ and CQ does a good job for the CQ WW and CQ WPX
at least on the world wide, continental, and USA level.  

What I am looking for for the CQ 160 Contests is someone to get the records
for the CQ 160 contests starting in 1982 (the first year both contests ran).
We can do this on two passes...  the first pass is to get both CW and SSB
records for each contest by continent, world wide, USA for both single and
multi op.  With each record we need call, score, and year.

A second pass will break this down for state, DXCC, and province...

Anyone want to volunteer???  We can get CQ Contest to publish and we will
find a web site to post.

Dave K4JRB
CQ 160 Director

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