[CQ-Contest] Kid's Day Contest - Help needed

Larry Tyree n6tr at teleport.com
Thu May 29 11:30:15 EDT 1997

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As you know - the kid's day contest is coming up on June 21st.  If you
haven't seen the rules in QST, you can find them at 
http://web.jzap.com/k7rat/rules.html.  This is bascially the same
format as the Internet SquINT contest, but with a longer time period,
two bands, and certainly more advance PR.

We hope to use this event to introduce young people (both hams and
non hams) to amateur radio contesting.

The Boring Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring the event.  We are going
to send color certificates to all of the participants that show up
in the logs - and we are going to do it right after the contest so
the kid's can connect the award to the experience.  We expect to be
mailing hundreds of these out.

We have also thought about mailing tee shirts out to the kids along
with the certificates.  These are the cool BARC tee shirts you
saw at Dayton (sorry - no picture on the web yet - maybe next week).

In order to meet these goals, we need support from the contesting
community.  The way we are asking for that support is through sales
of the BARC tee shirts (you also become an honorary member of the
club).  These high quality shirts come in three colors (dark green,
light blue and gray).  Currently we have 3 kid's sizes and adult XL 
in stock.  Cash donations are also gladly accepted if you would
rather not have a shirt.  They have our club mascot on front and
back and have been pronounced "cool" by my wife, and two older
daughters (age 4 and 6).

We originally ordered about 120 shirts, and if we can sell them all,
we would be able to send certificates to everyone and tee shirts to 
the more active stations.

Orders can be sent to the club address: 15125 SE Bartell Rd
Boring, OR  97009.  Make checks payable to Larry Tyree.  We would
like to get $20 for the adult sizes and $15 for the kid's sizes.  
A few extra dollars to cover postage and an envelope would also 
be appreciated.

Thanks for your time and support for this worthy cause.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at contesting.com

PS: Unlike those VK0IR shirts, these are not the same shirts worn
on some DX-pedition.  They are brand new and never have been worn.


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