[CQ-Contest] CQ 160 Records

Jan Almedal janalme at sn.no
Fri May 30 00:16:44 EDT 1997

 Dave, Bill, Contest gang

At 16:12 29.05.97 -0400, K4JRB wrote:
>Bill, W4AN brought up a timely point on contest records.  

I have done this for a while for LA high scores in different contests and
published it in the Norwegian bulletin, and I do think it is increasing
activity. It tells us what to aim for!

To do this on a more global basis I think would be a good idea. This is
already done for several RTTY contests. The lists are maintained by
W6/G0AZT, and is published on WF1B's web site. This will also in the future
be published on my web contest calendar (I will be working on it during the

I would like to extend this record information to cover more of the big
contests, and could take on to maintain the information. But I need held to
get started, as I don't have access to much past results.

>What I am looking for for the CQ 160 Contests is someone to get the records
>for the CQ 160 contests starting in 1982 (the first year both contests ran).

>Anyone want to volunteer???  We can get CQ Contest to publish and we will
>find a web site to post.

I will be glad to publish the list on my web contest calendar. I might also
keep the info updated, but I will need help to get started, as I don't have
access to past results. If anyone can provide the past results, I can do the

73 de
Jan / LA9HW

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