[CQ-Contest] CQ 160 Records

Scott Neader neader at centuryinter.net
Thu May 29 17:38:10 EDT 1997

>>Anyone want to volunteer???  We can get CQ Contest to publish and we will
>>find a web site to post.
>I will be glad to publish the list on my web contest calendar. I might also
>keep the info updated, but I will need help to get started, as I don't have
>access to past results. If anyone can provide the past results, I can do the

I already have a bunch of contest records on my web site, although it is
far from complete:

	click on "Contest/DX Library", then "Contest Records"

Of course, I'd be more than willing to add any additional records that are
submitted to me... or add a link to any other records that are out there
already in web-land.

73 - Scott KA9FOX

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