[CQ-Contest] Re: MORE ct nbrs / FD (HUMOR)

Tony and Celia Becker becker at SPRINTMAIL.COM
Fri May 30 00:24:45 EDT 1997

Hi All!

At 02:43 PM 5/29/97 -0400, Al, AD6E, wrote:
>I propose using pure binary as a real time saver.  Thus 599  0123 would be
>sent as:
>  - - - - - . . . - .    - - . - - - -   Then we could have a whole new
>thread discussing leading MSB or LSB.  This, of course, would be quite legal
>since the rules usually state (or imply) that CW be used for communicating,
>but usually don't specify Morse, American, binary, or even Kangi.

I promise we will not let Al anywhere NEAR the W6YL novice station on Field Day this year.

Talk about a bad influence!


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