[CQ-Contest] Re: [na-user] Remote access

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Thu May 29 01:52:08 EDT 1997

>K8CC writes:
>>      Peter, PB0AIU asked whether there was a way to remotely access the
log of another station (perhaps a multi) to check the log for mults, talk
>to the ops, etc.
>Also, it is my belief that this violates the definition of a "station"
>with regards to multi-ops and the geographic circle it must fit

Probably direct access to the log (even read only) is a violation.
>Bill W4AN adds...
>I always thought it would be a neat feature for multi's to be able to set 
>up a ring of multiops that you exchange bandmap information with during 
>the contest.  The bandmap info could be updated with talk messages sent 
>automatically to each of the stations defined as wanting to receive this 
>information.  On a good cluster system this would work slick.  In the NE 
>K1KI could exchange this info with say KC1XX, K1EA, and K1TTT.  Can you 
>imagine how good their bandmaps would be with such exchange of info?

I remember years ago that W3AU and K2GL would talk via telephone about mults
on each band etc.  I see no reason why a special file could not be spun off
to show mults per band that can be put on a bulletin board that anyone could
access. (Multi and Single assist).  Probably optional feature with each
station, but do able with networks, internet, and packet.  The file should
contain mults per band and a snap shot of the scoring summary
on a 15 or 30 min basis...

Will this help the score?  Maybe but if KC1XX shows 3B9 worked on 15 meters
three hours earlier then K1TTT must wait until the next day to try and find
unless he is worked on another band. I will say that if you have a top op on
a band with a competitive set up then probably the op has worked the same
station...exceptions skeds etc will always happen.  Even from a average
station (several of us worked from N4HOH in 1988 CQ WW SSB) on 40 and 10 we
were the one passing out packet spots if they did not come from K4JPD.  We
worked the exact same number of countries on 10 as W0ZV..the high 10 S/O.
Our time on 10 about 10 hours!

It will let the stations know where they are as to behind or ahead just like
at Indy or Daytona!  

Dave K4JRB

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