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Thu May 29 04:06:24 EDT 1997

There is a point that I haven't seen discussed that might be 
important in this thread about cut numbers. One of the examples being 
touted includes the serial #1901. That means that particular station 
made at least 1900 contacts in the contest. How many participants are 
there in the major contests (by that, I mean entrants)? 700? 800? It 
probably isn't 1900.

Where do you think those other 1000 Qs came from? I have either
given or seen at least a dozen programs on contesting to local clubs
and it has always been from the standpoint of getting newcomers to 
give contesting a try; not just the "easy" phone contests, but the CW 
contests as well, particularly for those trying to increase their 
speed for upgrades. We also emphasize that it's the non-contesters or 
newcomers that we depend on for our big Q counts.

Have you ever seen the concept of "cut" numbers publicized outside
of the esoteric contest media? I haven't. I picture Joe General
tuning across the band eager to dip his toe in this contesting ocean
and copying ANTE and wondering what in the world this is all about. 

With apologies to John Dorr, rate is a lot, but it isn't everything,
particularly on Sunday afternoon. The points made about effective
rate are well taken in this regard, and I think my point about "cut"
numbers outside the inner contesting circle might be equally well

A curiosity; I heard a fellow CQing (I forgot the call; I was mobile) 
and he was sending CQ at about 28, followed by TEST at about 35, 
followed by his call at about 22, followed by a final CQ at about 25. 
It was interesting to hear, and I thought well done. It reminds me of 
a K3/YV3 in CQWW I heard giving his call at about 40 and his 5999 at 
about 50. No, I didn't get it on the first try.

73, Rod N4SI
    The DXer formerly known as N9AKE
         (c) 5 November, 1996

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