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Thu May 29 06:34:08 EDT 1997

>>My concern is cut numbers irritate, confuse and serve to drive away a lot of
>>good CW ops who simply enter contests for fun.

oh well... I think that is a bit too hard.
I want to expand my short comment about cut numbers a bit because I am
surprised so many people are against them.

1,. I agree with the point that one should use cut numbers only in proper
context, i.e. when 
     it is clear that you are going to transmit numbers now. I dont agree
with the point that 
     we dont have this context in WPX  because the "starting sign" for the
numbers is 
     always the 5NN... I never hear somebody send 5nn K3ZO 1337  -  its
     K3ZO 5nn1337

2.., I agree that you have to use them carefully - decide it every time you
use them.
      When deciding use the factors:
        - propagation (QSB/QRM can be bad for cut numbers - yet it may be also an  
          advantage to use a cut number to get the number quickly thru a clear gap)...
        - other operator
        - I try to avoid cut numbers when repeating
        - decide the "amount" of cutting (most people understand T or O for zero, some   
          understand A and N for 1 and 9 and even some understand U for 2 and E for 5)
        - it makes little sense going to the higher parts of the band using slow speed to 
          attract casual OPs and use cut numbers

3.,I dont quite understand all those comments like: <<cut numbers are bad
because the   
    computer wont take it>> or <<cut numbers are bad because my typing is too
    why on earth dont you use a sheet of paper and a pencil and skip the
computer for a 
    second when it gets hot? You can always fill in the number afterwards -
once u get 
    used to it it takes no extra time - for example u can do it while the
computer blasts out 
    your next cq (and you will also find some time while s&p, just try it)
4., I agree it is an extra effort to always be ready to either pick up a
number or a cut 
     number - and to do the alphanumeric translation afterwards. BUT THATS
     ARE IN IT FOR, AREN'T WE??? Some more things to concentrate on, some
     things to train - if you accept it, you will have more fun than before. 
     Of course I dont say that everybody has to do it - I will always slow
down/use full 
     numbers for the OPs who are not "in the same mood" (You can even try to
"feel" th
     is when you send out your number the first time - and thus avoid a
repeat and be 

5.,<<whereas if the op sends "ANET" then you may (or maynot) have busted the 
    number>> I do not think you can make the decision that way. If you copy
the ANET 
    fully in the clear like a real string of characters then why should u
have miscopied 
    something? On the other hand if you have copied 1950 how can you be sure
it was not 
   1940 and you missed the dah in 4 and copied 5 instead???
   I think you have to make your decision based on other factors.

6.,I consider it a ridiculous idea if you want to put ANET into your log.
(And please make 
    no extra rules - we really have enough!!!) Besides, if you want to argue
that this is what 
    was sent to you, thats not correct. What has been sent to you is 1950 in
    international abbreviated number system... 

I think I look at this at an attitude type of thing: it generally makes it a
little bit more difficult (which I appreciate), and a  bit more of "every QSO
must be treated seperately" (which I even like more - of course I do not
agree with those automated 50wpm ENNATTA reports regardless of the caller).
Who will start complaining next time, when somebody decides to enter a
contest and give REAL RSTs every QSO, because it irritates people because
being unusual? (I still find it ignorant that there is not even a switch
(e.g. like - RR for real reports) with which you could start CT and then fill
in real sent reports when you like (hint to the K1EA software crew)). Accept
to learn something new and you will like it.

Nearly all the comments given above (maybe I forgot something) apply to the
"optimum keying speed" thread. 

And - its all just my opinion. But when you hear my CQ, I will gladly accept
your cut number exchange, because it speeds us up.

73, Con DF4SA

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