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Andrew Williamson andrew at gi0nwg.demon.co.uk
Fri May 30 11:34:01 EDT 1997

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>6.,I consider it a ridiculous idea if you want to put ANET into your log.
>(And please make 
>    no extra rules - we really have enough!!!) Besides, if you want to argue
>that this is what 
>    was sent to you, thats not correct. What has been sent to you is 1950 in
>    international abbreviated number system... 

Agreed.  I translated every cut number in my log to full numbers whilst
receiving the report.  It's easy with a little practice.  Doesn't our
licence state something to the effect that we are in this hobby for 'self
training in radio communications'.  Well let's train ourselves to receive
internationally recognised cut numbers.

>And - its all just my opinion. But when you hear my CQ, I will gladly accept
>your cut number exchange, because it speeds us up.

And so will I.  When operating from GI0KOW last weekend I made over 2900
QSO's and every one was sent with CWABBREV set to ON.  If someone asked for
a repeat (can't have been any more that 25-30 people) I went to the paddle
key and sent full numbers at a slightly slower rate.  I cannot remember
EVER being asked for a second repeat.  I honestly believe I would have made
LESS contacts if I had used full numbers throughout the contest.

I only used cut numbers for 0(T), 1(A), and 9(N).  All other numbers were
sent in full.  I believe this helped reduce confusion as not many people
know that U=2 or E=5, using these two is asking for trouble.  

Here's one maybe someone could explain.  When I was CQing at 32wpm someone
called me at 50+wpm.  I top out at about 45wpm so naturally asked them to
QRS.  Result.... another call at 50+wpm.  Thinking that they didn't
understand the internationally recognised Q-code I then sent QRS SLOW DOWN
in plain English.  Result... again a callsign at 50+wpm.  My response to
that was *&^%$*"  @*$!"&^*  (verbally, not over the radio) so I just hit
the F1 key and worked someone else.  I still don't know who it was or if it
was a needed multiplier.  Some people have a strange idea about how to
achieve a big score.

Food for thought, you mega speed merchants.

Vy 73,

Andrew Williamson GI0NWG / AC6WI

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