[CQ-Contest] Re: [na-user] Remote access

Alastair Beaton beaton at wintermute.co.uk
Thu May 29 11:44:20 EDT 1997

W4AN writes:
> I always thought it would be a neat feature for multi's to be able to set

> up a ring of multiops that you exchange bandmap information with during 
> the contest.  The bandmap info could be updated with talk messages sent 
> automatically to each of the stations defined as wanting to receive this 
> information.  On a good cluster system this would work slick.  In the NE 
> K1KI could exchange this info with say KC1XX, K1EA, and K1TTT.  Can you 
> imagine how good their bandmaps would be with such exchange of info?

Great idea Bill! It would also be neat to have Cluster/Internet updates of
station scores and rates real-time, so you could see how you're doing
against your competitors. 

OK, there would be some disadvantages (eg. people might quit half-way if
they thought they were being well beat), and it may also need rules
changes, but I reckon most contesters and newbies would welcome this kind
of enhancement to make things even more exciting.


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