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Jan-Erik Holm JEH at on.mobile.telia.se
Fri May 30 09:58:00 EDT 1997

>How come Americans needs a own point system to operate CQ WW contest?
>I?ve tried to figure this one out for 30 years but still no go, guess I?m
>Still they dont seem to be on a equal basis since they get their software
>gurus to programm the soft to cut and leave out numbers. 
>Instead of getting 3 points for a DX QSO I hereby propose that Americans
>get 4 points for a DX QSO, that would level with the point advantage for
>QSOs within the same continents.
>de Jim SM2EKM
>>Jim, I presume your talking about WPX?
>>I havn't been able to figure out the scoring reasons either.  This year, I
>>changed my 
>>operating habits and tried to operate in a way that would make all the 
>>non-NA stations happy.. and to abide by the implied rules(ie: zero point 
>>rule): That being that WPX is indeed really a DX contest and not a 
>>prefix contest.  Therefore, I did NOT answer any CQ from US stations
>>other than a few local club members.  I also refrained from calling CQ
>>except for a couple of very good JA runs.  EU was so weak here that all 
>>I could do was S&P a little.  Calling CQ towards EU would have only 
>>resulted in a lot of US QSOs and very few EUs. I mowed the lawn instead.
>>The end result is that I made about half my normal QSO total, and I had 
>>about half the fun as I would otherwise.  
>>To really level the playing field, the zero point rule should be expanded to
>>any QSO within ones own contenent. Then Jim can have half as much fun next
>>year...  just as I did this year.  
>>Next year I'll go back to just having fun....  screw the rules.
>>73, Al
>>flames to:   AD6E at aol.com

No I am talking about the CQ WW contest. QSO within your own continent
for a North American station will count for 2 points while the rest of the
will get 1 point for QSO within their own continent. Sure doesnt seem fair to
me for a world wide contest, scoring should be the same for a JA SM or W/K
Yes on the WPX I agree, the 0 point QSO deal is not a good idea so the point
structure for the WPX would benefit from a change.

73, Jim SM2EKM

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