[CQ-Contest] Re: JA Cut numbers

Jan-Erik Holm JEH at on.mobile.telia.se
Fri May 30 10:18:34 EDT 1997

> About this topic, I had a JA station who reply 5NN OUU. So I ask
> him to repeat NR? ... then again OUU. So I ask him 022? ... then
> again OUU. So I wiped the QSO !
> QUIZ : Any idea of the number ?
> 73 Gerard F6FGZ/AC6WJ

Probably 022 as you thought. Sure why mess with people that doesnt
like to give a proper exchange, surely giving OUU instead of 022 is
WAY past the line. 
The JAs used to be very good and it was a pleasure to run them in a 
pile up. The USA fellows always been a lot messier, forexample there
is always a goon that has to ask you ever so often "whats your call"
even if you do give it after each QSO.


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