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Henry A Pollock henrypol2 at juno.com
Fri May 30 13:40:38 EDT 1997

In an effort to keep everyone on the cutting edge of contesting evolution
and technology, we have the June issue of CQ-VHF.  What with all of the
discussions of sliced numbers and keyer velocity, I thought everyone
would like some light reading about another magazine's efforts to
promote contesting.  

The front cover features K7XC and W7KK (pre vanity - NC7K & NR6E) setting
up a contest station on top of a mountain (No snow!, and these guys are
dressed in short sleeve shirts and short pants; no frozen fingers if you
have to work on the rotator!).  Great 1/3 page writeup inside, describes
the station and their results (Note - same size print as rest of mag)
(HELLO CQ Magazine editors!).

W2VU's editorial discusses the positive aspects of contesting with
emphasis on VHF contesting.  Interestingly, he notes the lack of
response to his request a year ago for suggestions for CQ-VHF sponsored
competitions, and the few he got were NEGATIVE. (What does this say for
the future of contesting!!!  I remember reading that request and
responding via e-mail that he consider requesting input from this
reflector group; never saw anything posted!) 

Contest related items:  A Tale of Two Rovers - Part 1, The Serious
Competitor (big-gun); A Tale of Two Rovers - Part 2, The One-Ham, One
Band "Little Gun"; Annual VHF Contesting Calendar; CQ VHF Contest
Proposals... "Calling All Comments"; Rules - 97 CQ WW VHF Contest and
SMIRK QSO Party; and Reader Survey - VHF contesting (just circle the
number on the FREE reader service card).

Other interesting items:  Op-Ed - The Family Radio Service; Is There a
Tower in Your Future? (this has a picture of one with HF [in a VHF
mag!?] antennas); Build a Remote Field Strength Meter; and more....

OK, back to diced numbers and keyer impetus.

Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
Raleigh, NC (home of the new NHL Carolina Hurricanes)

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