[CQ-Contest] Re: aviation headsets

Brian Maves bmaves at msw0.attnet.or.jp
Thu May 1 09:38:16 EDT 1997


I have a Telex headset, originally designed for aviation.  It did a great
job of blocking out the noise during a couple of  Multi/Multi operations I
participated in.  The secret, I think, is that the headphones are well
padded and fit tightly around my ears.  I have also used the Heil Proset
and I think my Telex set blocks out the noise much better.

KW4T wrote:
> I have used David Clark Aviation headsets and attached the Heil HC-4
> mike element to the boom.

I agree with Dan.  I put an HC-4 element in my Telex headset and it
produced a big improvement on my transmit audio.

Good Luck!
Misawa Japan
Society of Midwest Contesters

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