[CQ-Contest] Re: "last two"

John Warren nt5c at easy.com
Sat Nov 1 13:44:10 EST 1997

Cesar PY2YP wrote:

|I've sent a message regarding about how disgusting is the last two
|style which means being called by poor operators who say only their
|last two letters of their calls.
|Some operator said they call accordingly with the DX side guidance
|which means that some un-prepared DX operators does require last two
|calls. I agree with that after all stupids are present on both sides.
|This is definitely a matter of the law: Stupids attract stupids on
|the direct proportion of their stupidness.

A rare DX station is ALWAYS right Cesar. If P51DX asks for "last two",
that's what he'll get - from this stupid operator at least.

John, NT5C.

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