[CQ-Contest] PJ9B CQWW SSB (long)

Doug Grant 0006008716 at MCIMAIL.COM
Sat Nov 1 14:23:25 EST 1997


This was my second trip to the PJ9B multi-multi operation. Had a ball.

"Interesting" propagation. 10 was a washout Saturday - only about 300 QSOs,
while single-op P40W had about 1100 from about 90 miles away. But we made 
up a lot of ground Sunday, ending up with over 2200. W3UM, WA3LRO, and 
N3ED were the ops. Antennas were 3 x 4-el beams, top at 87 feet, with WX0B

15 seemed to run out of gas into Europe about 1600Z on Saturday, so we went
to the U.S. band earlier than previous years. Compared to 1995, we had the
same QSO total, but more Ws this time (2600 vs. 1900). Band stayed open way 
past sunset, and into the wee hours with some long-path Mideast and Asians.
Macho QSOs: KL7 passed from 20M 4 hours before KL7 sunrise; BV5GQ passed 
from 20 at 2330Z Sunday. K1DG and N3BB ops. 4 x 4-el beams, top at 107 feet,
with WX0B Stackmatch.

Rates on 20 in the daytime were better than usual, and night-time rates
were poorer. The goal of 200 Countries on 20 eludes K3EST once again, 
despite a lot of time spent in low-rate parts of the band. K3EST and KB2XZ
ops. 4 el at 120 feet, 3 el at 60 feet.

40 was a struggle as usual. Listening on the transmit frequency is tough.
Maybve this will get better when conditions improve, and people spend less
time on the band. N7ZZ op. 2 el Cushcraft at 130 feet, 4-el wire beam on

80 was a bit low in multipliers, with lots of Asians missing. However, the
big 4-element wire beam really plays into Europe, and the combination of a 
new long European Beverage and N4RV's super ears was dynamite. WA3LRO, N4RV,
K1DG ops. 4-el wire beam to EU, 3-el wire beam to USA. Several Beverages.

160 was very poor to Europe. 325 Qs the first night, and less than 50 the
second. W3UM op. Inv V at 130 feet, Beverages.


 365  15  38
1418  24  109
2055  32  124
4364  38  173   (did anyone get Zones 23 and 34?)
5010  38  161   ( "    "     "    "    "  "   " )
2222  29  114
----  --  ---
15434 176 719  ==>  40.4 M

We had a close call during take-down. One of the tower climbers passed out
while (fortunately!) belted in at 80 feet. Quick thinking and teamwork 
prevailed, and everything worked out OK. 

And KB2XZ tripped over a cactus, resulting in several hours of thorn removal
using rusty Swiss Army knives.

Thanks to everyone who worked us, and my personal thanks to the group's
organizers for inviting me along again.


Doug K1DG

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