[CQ-Contest] Contest Amp Characteristics...

Steve Sacco KC2X kc2x at inspace.net
Sat Nov 1 15:01:08 EST 1997

All -

I've noted that there are wild differences in the grid current drawn by my
Titan amp when switching between different antennas on the same band.  

Obviously, you can only maximize the tuning of the amp for only one
antenna, or try and find setting which work "ok" across the different

Since I'm quite protective of my gear, I'm always worried about those poor
little grids being abused in a 'test.

I'm beginning to wonder using a 3CX-1200 amp, with its 50 watts of grid
dissapation, wouldn't the more a more prudent thing to do.

I'd appreciate any comments.

Steve KC2X

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