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Paul D. Schrader n4xm at iglou.com
Tue Nov 4 21:03:58 EST 1997

Precisely why I use  several XMatch(tm) antenna tuners--one on each
antenna--so that the amp sees the same load as I switch between them.

		73  Paul  N4XM

At 15:01 11/1/1997 -0500, Steve Sacco KC2X wrote:
>All -
>I've noted that there are wild differences in the grid current drawn by my
>Titan amp when switching between different antennas on the same band.  
>Obviously, you can only maximize the tuning of the amp for only one
>antenna, or try and find setting which work "ok" across the different
>Since I'm quite protective of my gear, I'm always worried about those poor
>little grids being abused in a 'test.
>I'm beginning to wonder using a 3CX-1200 amp, with its 50 watts of grid
>dissapation, wouldn't the more a more prudent thing to do.
>I'd appreciate any comments.
>Steve KC2X
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