[CQ-Contest] Packet for everyone

Ron Hooper ab4ru at stc.net
Sat Nov 1 20:03:34 EST 1997

> Well, I have to throw in my 2 cents worth, couldn't hold back any more.
> First, there's definitely more of a sense of accomplishment without packet.
> And I've found that not operating with packet certainly increases my
> listening skills.

Not having packet slows you down especially when the DX stations do not
give their call but once every ten qso's. Assisted and not assisted
should remain seperate. 

 Secondly, as for the DX that don't id, I figure that's
> their problem. I'll listen for a few seconds, and if they don't id, I move
> on. I figure it's their loss, not mine...after all, it could be my qso and 20 others like me that  puts them over the top. 

That sounds good but in most cases the DX is a mult for us in the
states. We can not pass up to many for a good cause. The best thing I
have found is go ahead and call him, ask for his call before the
exchange. In many cases they say QRZ after every QSO. It would be just
as easy to say the call V45B or H3A instead. I have noticed that AI6V
does just that and still has a good rate. It has a lot to do with the
operator trying to handle the pile up, with minimum experience. 

Ron W4WA

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