[CQ-Contest] Contest Calendar Vers.97.10

Bruce Horn bhorn at netcom.com
Sat Nov 1 19:20:55 EST 1997

                              CONTEST CALENDAR
                  October 31, 1997 Edition (97.10) (no 97.9 issued)

Please send corrections and additions directly to me.  I will post an
updated calendar every two months.  Thanks to VE9WH, W3DYA, ON7SS, JE1CKA,
N0AX, I2UIY, ZL1ANJ, VE2PIJ and VR97BG for contest info.

An HTML version of the calendar is available on request, or the most recent
calendar may be found at:  http://www.primenet.com/~scdxc/contestcal.html

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at netcom.com)

The contest calendar is divided into two sections:
  1) CONTEST CALENDAR: Calendar showing dates and times of scheduled
  2) CONTEST LOG SUBMITTAL DEADLINES: Deadlines and addresses for
                       submitting logs for contests that have
                       already occurred or whose deadline will pass
                       before the next issue of the calendar.

Please note that you may not be able to operate during all of the total
hours of the contests listed below. Total operating time may also vary
by entry category. See individual contest rules for allowed operating

November 1997

  Ukranian DX Contest            1200Z, Nov 1 to 1200Z, Nov 2
  ARRL Sweepstakes, CW           2100Z, Nov 1 to 0300Z, Nov 3
  High Speed Club CW Contest     0900Z-1100Z and 1500Z-1700Z, Nov 2
  Japan Int.DX Contest, Phone    2300Z, Nov 7 to 2300Z, Nov 9
  WAE DX Contest, RTTY           0000Z, Nov 8 to 2400Z, Nov 9
  IARU Reg.1 160m Contest, CW    1400Z, Nov 15 to 0800Z, Nov 16
  ARRL Sweepstakes, Phone        2100Z, Nov 15 to 0300Z, Nov 17
  CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW    0000Z, Nov 29 to 2400Z, Nov 30

December 1997

  ARRL 160-Meter Contest         2200Z, Dec 5 to 1600Z, Dec 7
  FAIRS HF DX Data Contest       0000Z, Dec 6 to 2400Z, Dec 7
  ARRL 10-Meter Contest          0000Z, Dec 13 to 2400Z, Dec 14
  TARA RTTY Sprint               1800Z, Dec 13 to 0200Z, Dec 14
  Stew Perry Topband Challenge   1500Z, Dec 27 to 1500Z, Dec 28
  RAC Canada Winter Contest      0000Z-2400Z, Dec 28

January 1998

  Kid's Day Operating Event      1800Z-2400Z, Jan 3
  ARRL RTTY Roundup              1800Z, Jan 3 to 2400Z, Jan 4
  Japan Int.DX Contest, 160-40m  2200Z, Jan 9 to 2200Z, Jan 11
  Midwinter Contest, CW          0700Z-1900Z, Jan 10
  Hunting LIONS in the Air       0900Z, Jan 10 to 2100Z, Jan 11
  North Amer. QSO Party, CW      1800Z, Jan 10 to 0600Z, Jan 11
  Midwinter Contest, Phone       0700Z-1900Z, Jan 11
  North Amer. QSO Party, Phone   1800Z, Jan 17 to 0600Z, Jan 18
  ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes   1900Z, Jan 17 to 0400Z, Jan 19
  CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW       2200Z, Jan 23 to 1600Z, Jan 25
  REF Contest, CW                0600Z, Jan 24 to 1800Z, Jan 25
  UBA Contest, Phone             1300Z, Jan 31 to 1300Z, Feb 1

February 1998

  North American Sprint, Phone   0000Z-0359Z, Feb 1
  New Hampshire QSO Party        0000Z, Feb 7 to 2400Z, Feb 8
  Delaware QSO Party             1700Z, Feb 7 to 0500Z, Feb 8 and
                                   1300Z, Feb 8 to 0100Z, Feb 9
  North American Sprint, CW      0000Z-0359Z, Feb 8
  HAL WW RTTY WPX Contest        0000Z, Feb 14 to 2400Z, Feb 15
  Dutch PACC Contest             1200Z, Feb 14 to 1200Z, Feb 15
  Asia-Pacific Sprint (CW)       1230Z-1430Z, Feb 14
  YL-OM Contest, Phone           1400Z, Feb 14 to 0200Z, Feb 16
  RSGB 1.8 MHz Contest, CW       2100Z, Feb 14 to 0100Z, Feb 15
  ARRL Inter. DX Contest, CW     0000Z, Feb 21 to 2400Z, Feb 22
  CQ 160-Meter Contest, Phone    2200Z, Feb 27 to 1600Z, Mar 1
  North Carolina QSO Party       0000Z, Feb 28 to 2400Z, Mar 1
  REF Contest, SSB               0600Z, Feb 28 to 1800Z, Mar 1
  UBA Contest, CW                1300Z, Feb 28 to 1300Z, Mar 1
  YL-OM Contest, CW              1400Z, Feb 28 to 0200Z, Mar 2
  RSGB 7 MHz DX Contest, CW      1500Z, Feb 28 to 0900Z, Mar 1

March 1998

  ARRL Inter. DX Contest, Phone  0000Z, Mar 7 to 2400Z, Mar 8
  RSGB Commonwealth Contest, CW  1200Z, Mar 14 to 1200Z, Mar 15
  Wisconsin QSO Party            1800Z, Mar 15 to 0100Z, Mar 16
  Alaska QSO Party               0000Z, Mar 21 to 2400Z, Mar 22
  Bermuda Contest                0001Z, Mar 21 to 2400Z, Mar 22
  BARTG WW RTTY Contest          0200Z, Mar 21 to 0200Z, Mar 23
  Russian DX Contest             1200Z, Mar 21 to 1200Z, Mar 22
  Virginia QSO Party             1800Z, Mar 21 to 0500Z, Mar 22 and
                                   1100Z, Mar 22 to 0200Z, Mar 23
  CQWW WPX Contest, Phone        0000Z, Mar 28 to 2400Z, Mar 29

April 1998

  SP DX Contest, CW              1500Z, Apr 4 to 2300Z, Apr 5
  EA RTTY Contest                1600Z, Apr 4 to 1600Z, Apr 5
  Japan Int. DX Contest, 20-10m  2300Z, Apr 10 to 2300Z, Apr 12
  MARAC County Hunters, SSB      0000Z, Apr 11 to 2400Z, Apr 12
  His Maj. King of Spain Contest 1800Z, Apr 11 to 1800Z, Apr 12
  UBA HF 80m Contest             0700Z-1100Z, Apr 12
  ARRL 144-MHz Spring Sprint     1900-2300 local, Apr 13
  Australian Post Code Contest   0000Z-2359Z, Apr 18
  YU DX Contest                  1200Z, Apr 18 to 1200Z, Apr 19
  EU Spring Sprint, SSB          1500Z-1859Z, Apr 18
  Holyland DX Contest            1800Z, Apr 18 to 1800Z, Apr 19
  Michigan QSO Party             1800Z, Apr 18 to 0300Z, Apr 19 and
                                   1100Z, Apr 19 to 0200Z, Apr 20
  ARRL 222-MHz Spring Sprint     1900-2300 local, Apr 21
  SP DX RTTY Contest             0000Z, Apr 25 to 2400Z, Apr 26
  Helvetia Contest               1300Z, Apr 25 to 1300Z, Apr 26
  Nebraska QSO Party             1700Z, Apr 25 to 1700Z, Apr 26
  Ontario QSO Party              1800Z, Apr 25 to 1800Z, Apr 26
  ARRL 432-MHz Spring Sprint     1900-2300 local, Apr 29

May 1998

  MARAC County Hunters, CW       0000Z, May 2 to 2400Z, May 3
  Texas QSO Party                1400Z, May 2 to 2200Z, May 3
  Massachusetts QSO Party        1800Z, May 2 to 0400Z, May 3 and
                                   1100Z-2100Z, May 3
  ARI International DX Contest   2000Z, May 2 to 2000Z, May 3
  Nevada QSO Party               0000Z, May 9 to 0600Z, May 10
  VOLTA WW RTTY Contest          1200Z, May 9 to 1200Z, May 10
  FISTS CW Club Spring Sprint    1700Z-2100Z, May 9
  ARRL 902/1296/2304 Sprg Sprint 0600-2300 local, May 9
  EU Spring Sprint, CW           1500Z-1859Z, May 16
  ARRL 50-MHz Spring Sprint      2300Z, May 16 to 0300Z, May 17
  CQWW WPX Contest, CW           0000Z, May 30 to 2400Z, May 31

June 1998

  IARU Reg 1 Field Day, CW       1500Z, Jun 6 to 1500Z, Jun 7
  ANARTS WW RTTY Contest         0000Z, Jun 13 to 2400Z, Jun 14
  TOEC WW Grid Contest, SSB      1200Z, Jun 13 to 1200Z, Jun 14
  Asia-Pacific Sprint (SSB)      1230Z-1430Z, Jun 13
  ARRL June VHF QSO Party        1800Z, Jun 13 to 0300Z, Jun 15
  West Virginia QSO Party        1800Z-2400Z, Jun 14
  All Asian DX Contest, CW       0000Z, Jun 20 to 2400Z, Jun 21
  Marconi Memorial Contest HF    1400Z, Jun 27 to 1400Z, Jun 28
  ARRL Field Day                 1800Z, Jun 27 to 2100Z, Jun 28

End of calendar section

Please consult the individual contest rules to determine what log
documentation must be submitted (i.e. summary sheet, dupe sheets, etc.).

  Scandinavian Act.Contest,SSB  October 31, 1997
  Scandinavian Act.Contest,CW   October 31, 1997
    E-mail:  sac at contesting.com
    Mail:  NRRL HF Contest Manager
           Jan Almedal, LA9HW
           N-1825 Tomter

  Washington State Salmon Run   October 31, 1997
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  W7FR Western Washington DX Club
           P.O. Box 395
           Mercer Island, WA  98040

  RSGB 21/28 MHz Contest, SSB   November 14, 1997
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  G3UFY
           77 Bensham Manor Road
           Thornton Heath
           Surrey, CR7 7AF  UK

  RSGB 21/28 MHz Contest, CW    November 14, 1997
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  G3UFY
           77 Bensham Manor Road
           Thornton Heath
           Surrey, CR7 7AF  UK

  California QSO Party          November 15, 1997
    E-mail:  cqp at contesting.com
    Mail:  NCCC
           c/o Al Maenchen, AD6E
           3330 Farthing Way
           San Jose, CA  95132

  Pennsylvania QSO Party        November 15, 1997
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Douglas Maddox, W3HDH
           Rd #1 Box 760
           Petersburg, PA  16669

  Illinois QSO Party            November 17, 1997
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  RAMS
           c/o John Matz, KB9II
           7079 West Ave.
           Hanover Park, IL  60103

  VK/ZL/Oceania Contest, Phone  November 17, 1997
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  VK/ZL/Oceania Contest Manager
           P. Nesbit, VK3APN
           WIA, Box 2175, Caulfield Junction
           Victoria 3161

  VK/ZL/Oceania Contest, CW     November 24, 1997
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  VK/ZL/Oceania Contest Manager
           P. Nesbit, VK3APN
           WIA, Box 2175, Caulfield Junction
           Victoria 3161

  Texas Armadillo Cahse         November 25, 1997
    E-mail:  k1oj at swbell.net
    Mail:  Owen Quarles, K1OJ
           11126 Rippling Meadows Dr.
           Houston, TX  77064

  All Asian DX Contest, SSB     November 30, 1997
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  JARL
           All Asian DX Contest
           P.O. Box 377
           Tokyo Central

  CQWW DX Contest, RTTY         December 1, 1997
   Low Power Logs:
    E-mail:  gould at corpcom-events.com
    Mail:  Roy Gould, K1RY
           CQWW RTTY DX Contest Director
           P.O. Box DX
           Stow, MA  01775
   High Power Logs:
    E-mail:  k5dj at easy.com
    Mail:  Ron Stailey, K5DJ
           Co-Contest Director
           504 Dove Haven Drive
           Round Rock, TX  78664

  CQWW DX Contest, SSB          December 1, 1997
    E-mail:  ssb at cqww.com
    Mail:  CQ Magazine
           76 North  Broadway
           Hicksville, NY  11801

  ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW  December 3, 1997
    E-mail:  contest at arrl.org
    Mail:  ARRL Sweepstakes Contest
           225 Main St.
           Newington, CT  06111-1494

  WAE DX Contest, RTTY          December 15, 1997
    E-mail:  100712.2226 at compuserve.com
    Mail:  WAEDC Committee
           Box 1126
           D-74370 Sersheim, Germany

  ARRL Sweepstakes Contest,Phone December 17, 1997
    E-mail:  contest at arrl.org
    Mail:  ARRL Sweepstakes Contest
           225 Main St.
           Newington, CT  06111-1494

End of log submittal deadlines

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