[CQ-Contest] November/December NCJ and December CQ Contest out

henrypol2 at juno.com henrypol2 at juno.com
Mon Nov 3 22:16:21 EST 1997

Suffering the ravages of the common cold virus, I stopped by the PO box
on the home from work hopeful that I would find something to make me feel
better.  Buried between all of the holiday gift catalogs were the latest
NCJ and CQ Contest along with a fishing magazine.


Front cover photo of the view from the S50E 20 Meter beam.  And there is
a feature article inside on the station and club!

Two page editorial from the new editor, K7BV (wow!, there's more here
than in some of the feature articles!)

Feature articles: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (photos); Two Radio
Contesting in the August 97 NAQP; NCJ Profiles - VK1FF; QSLs Online by
SK0UX; Contesting in the 21st Century; Operating in the Southwest;
Canadian Section Count Increases; Radio Club Cerkno - S50E; and HS0AC -
CQWW CW 1996.

Columns: Contest Calendar; Where Are They Now? (new column by K5RC);
Contest Tips, Tricks, & Techniques - Pre-contest Planning; VHF/UHF
Contesting - What Does it Take to Win a VHF Contest?; Contesting for Fun
(QRPing); RTTY Contesting - Results July 97 RTTY NA QSO Party;
International Contests; The Contest Traveler; Contest DX-Ventures; and
DXpedition Destinations (new column by KX9X).

CQ Contest

Front cover photo of a wintry scene from S50E (yes, that's right, the
same station featured in the above NCJ!).  This time there is no feature
article, however there is a short writeup inside.

Feature articles:  P40W Versus P40E, A Week of Surprises; and CQWW SSB,
P40E Versus P40W, and the Winner is ... ZD8Z.

Departments:  Antennas for Contesting - The Noodle Beam; Operating
Techniques - More CQWW CW Tips; Monthly Collectible - World All-Time CW
Zone Leaders; Continental Countdown - Ham Radio and the WWW, Contesting
in Saudi Arabia, and T8 - Palau; Contesting History - The Winds of War;
Up The Tower - Crank-Up Towers; Contest Breakdown - A New Look at the 96
CQWW DX Contests; and a Conversation With KR2Q.

That's all.

73 and good reading,
Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
Raleigh, NC 

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