[CQ-Contest] 'Sweep' Contest and EU/DX !

Amateur dl8aam dl8aam at db0bm.ampr.org
Tue Nov 4 00:03:17 EST 1997

maybe anybody out there who could give some infos about the "Sweep" test ?

When I understand well, the rest of the world is NOT ALLOWED to work
anybody in that contest. Strange !?!

Even all local/district Contest in DL (and anywhere?) are open for everybody
YOu will get 1 point for "DX"-QSOs, but no multiplier...

I think anybody can work in every contest at least ONE side (e.g. WAG you (DX)
work DLs, etc.). It's OK that I can't work in every contest ALL sides (e.g. AA,
where I can work Asia, not EU/DX, but I can work, give points and/or collect
new pfx/counties/states/etc.)

It was very "strange", last night the hole (!!) 40m SSB band was full of W
station, and we had in EU not any chance to work anybody (at least ONE side).

What do you think about the idea (which we installed in all DL local contests)
you (as contest "home" operators) could work NA and DX, but you will get only
points (no multis). We heard in EU many strong Ws last night with CQ CQ, many
EUs called you, but no W -> no QSOs.  more QSOs means more fun, I think ?!?

best 73 es good contesting
see u in CQWW CW !!

PS: that is just an idea, but please think over, not only "fill our bands"
without any chance of QSOing ?!?

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