[CQ-Contest] Unique?

Amateur dl8aam dl8aam at db0bm.ampr.org
Tue Nov 4 00:28:56 EST 1997

wo4o at juno.com (Ric Painter) asked:
>Has a Guest Op (GO) at a Multi Operation (MO)
>*during a contest* ever worked a station to count for
>the MO, then immediately upon realizing that is a station
>the GO also needed personally (for QSL or whatever for
>WPX or whatever), dumped their personal call sign in
>and worked the station again?  Come on, 'fess up!

Hello !
Maybe I'm wrong or missed the point (my English is not the best, I'm afraid)

Where is the problem, when I (DL8AAM) operate as OP the MO station DL0AA
after the DL0AA - DXCall QSO, I could make a QSO as DL8AAM/p as well, it is
legal. It is my call and I'm free to operate from every station/QTH with the
extension " /p " (thats the law in DL asked for. In DL we HAVE to use /m /p !).

The only problem is that I will get problems with my "chief" OP, because a
DL8AAM/p QSOs is one DL0AA-QSO less. And you have make sure, that only the OP
himself uses his callsign (not the running OP wkg with all OP-Calls...hi).

I think, when I operate as MO in the CQWW CQ under a "group"-Call, and I fing a
real P5, I will try to wkg them also for MY private call also...

But maybe I'm wrong and missed the point of the discussion. Then SRI for

best 73 es see u in the next test !

PS: sri for missprints as I typed it online via PR...

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