[CQ-Contest] Internet and contesting

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Tue Nov 4 09:10:38 EST 1997

I just got back to California and have observed a new annoying trend.
My email inbox has a raft of messages from folks saying "I worked you
in the contest.  What's your QSL route?"

I don't get it.  If folks are sleuthing around with their web
browswers figuring out that they can reach HC8N by sending email to
trey at kkn.net, then why don't they put in that extra 0.5% and look up
the QSL route online as well?  Contest club web pages (the Bavarian
Contest Club page comes to mind) are full of links to QSL route

This kinda reminds me of the raft of messages we were getting on
CQ-Contest a few years back asking for phone numbers, rather than
simply dialing directory assistance (555-1212) for the appropriate
region.  I guess the rate at which technology is bringing information
to our fingertips is being outpaced only the ease at which we can ask
someone else to call directory assistance for us.

--Trey, N5KO & HC8N

PS: Of course with www.switchboard.com and the others, you don't even
have to dial directory enquiries anymore.  You can look up the numbers
on the web!

PPS: I don't remember the URL for the Bavarian Contest Club.  Yahoo
and the others remember it for me.  Go to www.yahoo.com and do a
search for Bavarian Contest Club, then follow the links.

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