[CQ-Contest] checking for uniques, new tool Win95

Frank Grossmann [DL2CC ex DL1SBR] Frank at grossmann.com
Tue Nov 4 09:29:11 EST 1997

What has become more and more obvious to me in the recent years of my
contesting experience and also experience with contest organizers ist that
one growing major goal in a contest log is to reduce the number of wrong
callsigns you have in the log.

When you send in the log to CQ, ARRL etc. you might get some percentage of
your score deducted due to "working" unique, most probably wrong, callsigns.
Some organizers send you a detailed report upon request, some don't.

Another question we had: you're a host of a contest station and you want to
know how good your guest operators are doing in respect to the %age of
uniques in
the logs.

Our new little Windows 95 tool "Master Checker" will check your logbook for
callsigns it does not find in a MASTER.DTA and additionally up to two files
of callsigns which could be the list of callsigns worked by other stations in 
the same contest.
It will create an alphabetically sorted list of callsigns worked by yourself
and one list of callsigns not found in either above mentioned sources.

This tool is not ment for changing the log after the contest before you send
it in to the organizers, it is ment for evaluation purposes only. Thus I
recommend using it only AFTER you sent in the log.
Also please don't publish your worked callsigns lists anywhere, or at
least not before the closing date for sending in the logs. It could
encourage people to cheat by simply putting some of the calls into their log.

        (Master Checker full installation including readme.txt)
         Master Checker EXE only
        (only if you installed Visual Basic 5 runtime already!)
         Master Checker readme file
Please also note that the software does not work unter Windows 3!
Only Windows 95 or Windows NT.

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