[CQ-Contest] Why SS is for NA or Why WAE is for EU

Morrison, Charlie cmorrison at cerulean.com
Tue Nov 4 16:19:33 EST 1997

When SS was created, there had been little intercontinental
communications, if any.
The purpose of SS was to find the very best American or Canadian traffic
handlers during the late spark days. 
( Yes ARRL sections and Divisions did extend to such early territories
   DU  , CO / Isle of Pines,  and the Pacific. )
< Read more about it in CQ-Contest magazine or the CQ Amateur Radio
Almanac ! >

WAE rules discourage DX to DX as well. N/A can not work C40A on Cypress
or a UA9 ,  these would be good DX from N/A on 80m for example.

Charlie - N1RR

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