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Kevin Schmidt w9cf at ptolemy.la.asu.edu
Tue Nov 4 17:35:08 EST 1997

> There are many folks that wouuld like to use the internet cluster system 
> during the contest and would like to integrate it with CT, NA, or TRLog.  
> This message will attempt to educate you on how this can be accomplished.
> First requirement is what is called a "SHELL".  This is simply a UNIX 
> type login to your ISP.  Typically you connect to your ISP and negotiate 

I'm sure Bill is aware of this, but just to be complete, if your ISP
won't give you a shell account, you can get the same functionality by
getting an old 386 or better with 4Megabytes of memory, and around
100MB disk.  This will run linux just fine for this purpose, and should
be available for next to nothing.  You don't even have to have a
monitor on the 386, it just needs a modem to connect to your your ISP
and a serial port to connect to your DOS machine. Since you own the
linux box, you give yourself your own "shell" account. Now do the same
as Bill says except you log in to your linux 386 and connect it to the
ISP via ppp. You can then telnet from the linux box exactly as Bill
says. Consult your local linux expert for help.

73 Kevin w9cf
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