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HENRY n4vhk at summitschool.com
Wed Nov 5 09:33:58 EST 1997

<It does not matter how many operators and/or transceivers they used. What   
<does matter, though, is that they were not transmitting with more than   
<one TX at a time, other then for multiplier purposes. There are some   
<other scam-prevention rules they had to follow, and if they did, their   
<M/S operation is fully legit. Beside fist fights for the time at the rig,   
<I see no problems here.
<73 ..... Zoran VA3GW  

Agreed, except that you said "other than for multiplier purposes". Here's my
2 cents..

An example... If a M/S station is working on 40 (S&P, or run, makes no
difference), and they find a new mult on 20 , they MUST NOT, by virtue of
the intent of the rule, call the mult on 20 while working on 40. If they
are, the intent of the rule seems to put them M/M. Of course, I may be
wrong, but I understand Martin's frustration. Then again, maybe that's why
my numbers are not in the top 10, hi. 
It seems to me that the M/S category is beginning to be overtaken by the 20
rig/20 amp/15 tower crowd, when I think its intent was to get groups of
operators together and rely on strategy of band timing and propagation- Many
of the M/S in CQWW could easily compete in M/M....and probably have more of
a challenge.
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