[CQ-Contest] M/S or M/M entry

CP2235 at aol.com CP2235 at aol.com
Wed Nov 5 09:40:23 EST 1997

>I entered the CQWW SSB with a run rig and a multiplier rig,
>and one computer (run) and paper log (multiplier).
>But obviously we were under equipped...
>But can someone explain how a station with 17 operators,
>10 transceivers, 6 amplifiers,and 14 PC's can be a
>a Multiop/Singletransmitter effort rather than multi/multi?
>Martin ZL1ANJ

the answer is simple: by following the rules which separate the M/M class
from the M/S class. 
There is no rule against having many different transceivers for searching and
working multipliers. Just follow the rules about TRANSMTTING with only one TX
at a time.
The problems start when those MULT stations start calling CQ (an unpleasant
topic that has been covered here many times)
I think IQ4A (and some others) are making a very serious M/S effort. There is
no reason to suspect cheating only because the have such a big set-up!!

73 Con DF4SA            Cornelius Paul               CP2235 at aol.com

Disclaimer: I am not a member of the IQ4A team nor have I ever seen their
operation site.

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