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Wed Nov 5 20:49:54 EST 1997

Felix J. Riess wrote:

> Nowadays, if you only have two complete stations assembled, you are not
> likely to do very well in the M/S category (one that is called "single
> transmitter").

Hello Felix:

I beg to differ with your above statement.  The KE2NL station, winner of the
USA M/S category in CQWW SSB last year (call used KF2ET) and the
CLAIMED winner this year (call used W2A) is exactly that.

We have only two stations setup, and one complete set of antennas in
*total*. No duplicate antennas for each station.  Also, the station is
very modest, with only two crank-up towers of 50 and 70 feet in height.
The location is very good and the operators are very dedicated to maximize
the score with the hardware available.

You *can* compete in M/S with only two stations and average hardware
on a city lot.  We do it, so can anyone else!

73, J.P. W2XX

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