[CQ-Contest] M/S questions

Felix J. Riess dl8obc at db0bm.ampr.org
Thu Nov 6 01:24:21 EST 1997


Hello Contesters!

After reading the claimed scores of some of the major Multi Single entries
of the CQ WW Contest's SSB part, I can understand the frustration of
ZL1ANJ.  First of all, I am sure that nobody wishes to accuse the
top-scorers like IQ4A of breaking the rules.  I am rather convinced that
they operated within the current limits of the M/S contest rules.

Another question is if we really want what's happening now to happen.  In
other words, do you think that one should need a setup suitable for a
serious M/M entry in order to be competitive in the M/S category?
Nowadays, if you only have two complete stations assembled, you are not
likely to do very well in the M/S category (one that is called "single

As a single operator, I have a choice of categories: I can join QRP, Low
Power, High Power, or Assisted.  I have the opportunity of picking a
category in which I can compete with my station.  As soon as someone joins
me for the contest, the choice is narrowed to just M/S or M/M.  As it was
pointed out on this reflector earlier, it is more a matter of strategy
which one you choose.  But shouldn't the decision somehow be based on the
number of transmitters you intend to run?  At least that is what the
category name implies.

In my eyes, there is a simple solution to the problem:  limit M/S to one
transmitter with an unlimited number of receivers, and eliminate that part
of the rules that allows you to work multipliers on other bands, but apply
the ten-minute-rule to all QSO's.

This would have an interesting side effect:  it would force the
super-stations to join M/M if they wanted to make full use of their
capabilities, and thus create more traffic on "propagationally challenged"

Well, this is just a suggestion!  I would be interested in finding out how
the other readers of this reflector feel about the idea.

73 from Germany,

Felix, DL8OBC (T70A in SSB part, 5A7A in CW part).

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