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Thu Nov 6 19:17:07 EST 1997

on the in the M/S area and M-2. 

However CQWW is still THE contest.

I for one sure wish there was a way to change that rule.

73 Paul W9JA

At 07:41 AM 11/6/97 -0600, you wrote:
>You hit the nail on the head Richard!
>It's a shame there is no place for two or three aging contesters
>to get together at an average home station to enjoy the CQ WW
>contests.  The ARRL M/S and M2 categories do a much better
>job of filling the gap between single op and M/M.  M2 is a great
>way for BIG stations NOT on the East Coast to compete without
>filling marginal bands with endless CQing.  Any home station
>can be manned full time by 2 or 3 over-the-hill contesters in M/S.
>de  Tom  N4KG
>>In my opinion, the ARRL rules make for a more true M/S - that is, a
>>couple guys with one radio can be competitive in the category. The CQ
>>rules border on a multi/2 thing. There is no way to be competitive
>>without using the 2nd radio to ferret out the new mults.  
>This is so true. I have often wondered why the CQWW does not have a real
>multi-single category. Their M/S category is definitely not a
>no matter what they call it. 
>There are many stations that would like to do a multi-op with a friend
>without setting up two complete stations and having two sets of antennas.
>These stations are discouraged from participanting in the CQWW as a
>multi-op because of existing CQWW rules.
>I don't think we have a prayer of getting a true M/S category in CQWW. it
>would be too much work to implement by contest managers who are all
>73, Richard

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