[CQ-Contest] New CQWW class OF/MS

Dan Kovatch w8car at netohio.net
Thu Nov 6 19:22:18 EST 1997

Cq is about to announce a NEW, for this year only, trial class for the 
CQWWCW contest.

The class is OF/MS  (Old Fart/MultiSomething)

Rulz are:
1. More than one but less than 17 OFs may operate any 12 hours of the 
novice roundup during November in 1958. OF is defined as one or more of 
the following: Has actually used a lightbulb to tune up a transmitter, 
remembers calling CQ and tuning for 5 minutes looking for a reply, 
remembers when contesting was just-fun, has had a license long enough to 
remember sweating out the 5 minute 1 minute code copy and sending test.

2. May use any number of transmitters as long as they are attached to a 
dummy load UNLESS working a multiplier on 11 meters.

3. Promises to sign a statement that says, in effect, " I can't be 
competitive unless someone changes the rules for me and besides it aint
fun unless I can WIN."

Dis respectfully submitted
 Dan W8CAR (OF #37)
Ranger owner
HQ-whatever lover
low dipoles and such
have contest will have fun

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