[CQ-Contest] Single op/Internet assisted

John Lash wa2go at erols.com
Thu Nov 6 09:12:03 EST 1997

Not a bad idea!   While we're at it, we could put down what times we plan
on being on certain frequencies, and look for other stations who also plan
on being on nearby frequencies at around the same time, and just agree
ahead of time by e-mail to log qso's with them at a pre-determined time,
whether we actually bump into them on the air or not!  This could save lots
of time in the contest, and save on electricity as well, as we wouldn't
have to transmit as much to make the same score!  We'd just have to be
careful to make sure that the stations we decided to log were in fact
propagationally workable at the time we plan to log them.  Otherwise, the
contest committees might start to get suspicious.

I suppose there are those who are without internet connections who might
clamor that there should be a new category, single op/internet assisted.
But hey, they're the ones that are behind the times.  Get with the program!
 Radio is dead.  Long live the internet!



(To those to whom it is not already obvious, I am being sour-castic.
OT's, just think about this: What drew you into contesting when you
started?  What is the draw now?)

At 12:58 PM 11/5/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 97-11-05 12:15:38 EST, KA0RNY writes:
><< I wondered if some people weren't relying on on MASTER.DAT as I moved 
> back to Kansas from Oklahoma about 2 months ago.  This was my first 
> SS, or any other contest, from Kansas and I had some that asked my 
> section a couple of times and one that seemed to want to argue that 
> it should be OK instead of KS!  I found this rather amusing to say 
> the least. >>
>Maybe we should have reflector or some garbage can on internet, where people
>would go and dump (report) their (QTH, call, zone) particulars for the
>upcoming contest. Special prefixes, calls, different state/country/zone, etc.
>This way we can go and before the contest download the latest scoop and stop
>arguing where we are or what is the rest of the W2A callsign, where is
>VX3BMV/1 or VK0ANRS what? Sure would help. (including QSL route?)
>K3BU (NJ, but maybe DE), VE3BMV 

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