[CQ-Contest] Single op/Internet assisted

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Fri Nov 7 01:39:17 EST 1997

John Lash wrote:
> Not a bad idea!   While we're at it, we could put down what times we plan
> on being on certain frequencies, and look for other stations who also plan
> on being on nearby frequencies at around the same time, and just agree
> ahead of time by e-mail to log qso's with them at a pre-determined time,
> whether we actually bump into them on the air or not!  This could save lots
> of time in the contest, and save on electricity as well, as we wouldn't
> have to transmit as much to make the same score!  We'd just have to be
> careful to make sure that the stations we decided to log were in fact
> propagationally workable at the time we plan to log them.  Otherwise, the
> contest committees might start to get suspicious.

> 73,
> John

I think that would work OK John.  The only thing you would have to do is 
be sure and make schedules on the internet the same time as the radio so 
as to be sure that the stations logged eachother at the same time.  You 
might also use Pow-Wow.  That way you could actually talk to eachother.  
That or Internet Phone.  Think I'll sell my radios and get some more 

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