[CQ-Contest] CQWW Logs

Swanson, Glenn, KB1GW gswanson at arrl.org
Fri Nov 7 10:54:00 EST 1997

I'm posting the following for Mark, K1RO.
 --Glenn, KB1GW

I for one am impressed with CQ's electronic log submission
system.  On Monday morning, I sent the SUM and ALL files as
instructed and received an acknowledgement within minutes.

A couple of hours later, I received a message inviting me to
check the CQWW Web site and view my log, along with
instructions for doing so. So I went to the Web site  and saw
that the log and summary files were there but still MIME
encoded (our mail system automatically encodes and decodes
email file attachments -- not unusual).

So just to be sure everything was okay, I fired off a quick
message to the "questions at cqww" address and later that day got
a personal message from Bob, K3EST, explaining that there's no
problem and they will decode the logs later on.

73, Mark K1RO

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