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Doug Smith desmith at Telalink.Net
Fri Nov 7 11:17:46 EST 1997

About an hour before the end of SS, I was CQing on 80 when a strong station
(a known contester & good op) called.  Sent him my exchange, went back to
receive, and all I got back was a ?.  Sent it again, and got another ?.
Frustrated, I called CQ again.  This station called again, but so did
someone else.  Answered the other guy, completed the QSO, then this guy
calls yet again.  I send the exchange again - and this time he QSLs & we
complete the QSO.

Not sure what was going on here, but I would guess it had something to do
with a confused two-radio operator.  Anyone else run into this?  I know I
was reasonably loud on 80, I have to believe he would have copied at least
one element of the exchange if he'd been paying attention!

I ditto Hans K0HB's comments to Jay.  Unfortunately, Jay's problems reflect
a greater problem in amateur radio these days -- people who think they can
work a rare station by simply continuously sending their call until the DX

I went into this thing thinking the new VO1 section would be almost as hard
to find as VE8/VY1.  And was pleasantly surprised - it wasn't at all
difficult to work.  NNY was easier this time too, though still by far the
most difficult mainland U.S. section.  (perennial toughies like SF, ND, WY,
and SC seemed common this time)  VE4 and VE5 were also surprisingly easy.
Didn't have much trouble with VE6, but why is it there always seem to be
VE6s all over the band during DX contests, but most of them disappear for SS?

QRP ops: please be more confident about the power of your signals!  Q
category stations were much more likely than others to send their exchanges
twice on the first try.  But it was usually unnecessary & a waste of time --
most QRP ops were easy copy, with many of them louder than many A-power
stations.  Especially with the long exchange in SS, it's best to only repeat
something if you're asked to repeat it.

73 Doug

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