[CQ-Contest] M/S opinion

Bud k4isv at westky.com
Fri Nov 7 23:46:01 EST 1997

Really enjoyed the discussion of M/S in CQWW and M2 in ARRL...  We have
doing the M/S since 1992 ( I'm a newcomer).  Man, have we had FUN!  We have

never won but each and every year we think we MIGHT!

If you really never want to WIN a contest move to WESTERN KENTUCKY!

I would like to say that for about 30 years prior to 1992 I did single op
Sometimes single band, sometimes all bands etc.  Results were mixed...
I did have a 15M record for a few years... more often I got kicked by the
coast and others..... but I always had FUN!

So, seems to me if we are not having FUN something is wrong! Dont focus on
winning-- focus on doing the very best your station can do and have FUN

As far as new classes in the CQWW I think the more classes the more FUN.
Now this could make it hard on the log checkers but someone will volunteer
because they will think that is FUN  How about a combo 160 and 10 meter
2 operator class???? Someone out there would have FUN doing it!

Now to plan that death ray antenna that will let us win from Kentucky....
The planning is even FUN!

Lighten up guys.... this aint WORK

Bud- K4ISV

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