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Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Fri Nov 7 23:35:24 EST 1997

On Friday, November 07, 1997 5:17 AM, Doug Smith[SMTP:desmith at Telalink.Net] wrote:

>QRP ops: please be more confident about the power of your signals!  Q
>category stations were much more likely than others to send their exchanges
>twice on the first try.  But it was usually unnecessary & a waste of time --
>most QRP ops were easy copy, with many of them louder than many A-power
>stations.  Especially with the long exchange in SS, it's best to only repeat
>something if you're asked to repeat it.
>73 Doug
Good point, Doug.  

And when asked to repeat anything, say/send it only 
once.  If another repeat is necessary, the operator will
ask for it. 

I have always felt that you could tell the stations, QRP 
or QRO who felt they had poor signals: they send 
everything two or three times without being asked to do so. 
I guess they've been asked for repeats so often they 
just repeat out of hand. 

During SS CW, I got a lot of requests for repeat of my 
Check (59) and section (STX).  Apparently, the space 
between was not adequate.  A few hours into the contest,
I edited the fields adding a half-space.  That seemed to 
cure the requests for repeats of my check/section. 

QRO(A and B) Ops: 
When working a QRP station, it is not necessary to send 
everything twice simply because the QRP station is weak
--I actually had a couple of stations do that to me. 


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