[CQ-Contest] Re: M/S

Mike no6x at inreach.com
Sat Nov 8 02:54:56 EST 1997

Well I sort of like it the way that it is. this way it gives me something
to work on getting done, i.e. second computer for mult radio. without it,
it sure is a pain to go and fix this stuff. From the left coast we have
been fairly succesful for a dumb kid and and old guy that has not done any
contesting in 20 years (sorry W6UC). 
 I think our scores are competitive, allthough it would be nice to win one,
or at least get top 10. 
 Isn't 2.1 M in cqww fair for a W6 station? (call used was N6ED)
 Not bad for only 1 radio (we tried the mult radio gig but determined that
it was a pain in the butt without 2nd computer, which we now have, still
looking for monitor, anyone got one?).
 I think leave it alone as it is, this gives us something to work for. Just
wait one of these days we are gunna make top 10, then won't be happy till
we reach #1.

Still learning before the DX-pedition in the spring!

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