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jim funk jfunk at adams.net
Sat Nov 8 10:16:30 EST 1997

        This question is prompted by a recent SS situation, but could apply 
to any contest in which a maximum operating period (less than the total 
contest period) is specified.
        Suppose three or four daring contesters journey to VE8/VY1 for 
Sweepstakes to operate at either an existing or setup station.  Suppose they 
are virtually the "only-game-in-town" for that mult.  Suppose they are 
iron-butts and chafe at the idea of doing "only" 24 of the 30 hours.
        Can they legally/ethically:
        a) Operate the first 24 hours as VE8XYZ M/S, then continue to 
operate the last six hours under that call with increasing serial numbers 
but send in only the score for the first 24?
        b) Operate any block of 24 hours as VE8XYZ M/S, but hand out the VE8 
mult during the 6-hour off-time?
        c) Operate 24 hours as VE8XYZ M/S and the other six hours under one 
of their own calls, e.g. W9XYZ/VE8?
        All for the purposes of providing the mult to the deserving, as well 
as expanding their ego trip? (Hey, ego trips are OK....)
        I would think that being a VY1/VE8 in SS would be one of the most 
exhilirating, and potentially most frustrating, experiences available in 
domestic US/VE contesting....

        73, Jim N9JF        
The Lane, The Pole, The 2-yard Line, 14.002.  Radio contesting isn't for 

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